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April Leiffer Henry bio

April Leiffer Henry (she/her)

April is the founder and owner of Pregnancy & Birth Stories, LLC. After working in mainstream healthcare marketing for several years, April saw the need for birth centers, community midwives, lactation consultants, and other birth-related organizations to have strong digital content. She took her professional knowledge and combined it with her personal interest in midwifery to start a freelance writing business. April now leads the Pregnancy & Birth Stories team as they create engaging content, like blogs, birth stories, social media posts, and other resources.

Called “Mama” by her three living children, April has experienced three miscarriages. Throughout her pregnancies, she saw midwives and recognized the value in personalized, holistic care. She aims to tell stories about all aspects of reproductive health, holding space for grief and joy, which often collide during the parenting journey.

Brittany Dick

Brittany Dick (she/her)

Brittany is a writer, editor, project manager and mother of two. She works with health and wellness brands to promote their services, educate readers and share stories of hope. She particularly enjoys when writing topics intersect with her current season of birthing and nurturing littles — like breastfeeding, pregnancy and postpartum, to name a few.

Tia Hawkins

Tia Hawkins (she/her)

Tia Hawkins is a registered nurse, writer and former doula. Her passions include holistic nursing, compassionate care and positive health outcomes. She is also a strong advocate for mental health, diversity and inclusion. Wearing many hats both professionally and personally, Tia is an active duty military spouse and mom to three beautiful children earth side. Tia makes time for self-care by sipping tea, shopping and watching time period shows like Downton Abbey and Call the Midwife. She resides with her family and their fur baby Ace in Virginia Beach.

Brittany Meng

Brittany Meng (she/her)

Brittany Meng is a military wife who currently lives in Illinois with her husband, four sons and one daughter. She is the author of Unexpected: Learning to love your unpredictable story (2018). Brittanys’ writing has been featured on Her View from Home, ScaryMommy, Coffee+Crumbs, For Every Mom, Christianity Today, The Mighty and more. She writes about special needs, self-care, spiritual growth, and raising kids without losing your mind and is the host of The Motherhood Metamorphosis podcast.

Sara Springer

Sara Springer (she/her)

Sara Springer has been in healthcare for the last 20 years and currently works as a nurse practitioner. She specializes in pulmonary and sleep medicine but also spent time in cardiology, nephrology and labor and delivery. Sara is co-founder of Love Will Foundation, a grass roots non-profit based in Saint Louis and focused on making mental healthcare more affordable. She writes for her own website, Rebel Housewife, and is a contributing writer at Her View From Home and Filter Free Parents. Sara has been featured on The Mighty, Scary Mommy, Sammiches & Psych Meds and Today’s Parents.

Why hire us?

Because we connect with other parents — your readers and potential clients — on the health topics that affect them and the tiny humans who depend on them. How do I get the best nutrition while I’m pregnant? What positions are most effective during labor? Is the newborn breast crawl a real thing?

These are the types of topics we tackle — thoroughly researched but with humility and never any judgment.

People will always be having babies; that will never change. However, the way you reach them has evolved. Let us help you communicate with expectant parents and those in the trenches of babyhood, toddler tantrums, preschool parties and school-aged sagas. But, let’s not forget the folks whose children have flown the coop because they deserve the very best care and information, too.

Ready to write something together? Email us, and let’s start targeting the people who should be your patients.

Looking for compelling, concise and quality content for your website? April delivers all three. She is easy to work with, shaping her stories to fit your vision and respecting deadlines. Her work and life experiences put her on the inside track on what’s affecting today’s readers. She was always the top writer on my freelance list.

Betsy Bethel

Former Magazine Editor