Tomorrow is my due date.

There were a few days a couple weeks back when I thought I might not make it to April 13. Always in the back of my mind, though, was the reminder that Elliot was born 10 days after his due date. Obviously, having early babies is not my thing.

When it comes to having babies, there are two things about which I’m pretty passionate: natural birthing and breastfeeding. Given that I’m a natural birth advocate, I want labor to start on its own. This can be a difficult path to tread – emotionally, mentally and physically.

Everyone sees me as a walking time bomb. Coworkers ask, “Still pregnant?” “Still haven’t had that baby?” Clearly, I’m still pregnant. And, if I’d had the baby, I wouldn’t be at work.

I’m ready for this baby to be born more than anyone. Trust me, I’d like not to be pregnant anymore. Waiting stinks, but I’d prefer to let this baby come on her own terms, rather than have someone else tell me “it’s time” and endure a slew of unwanted medical interventions.

Because I’ve had all this time to be pregnant, I’ve come up with a list of sorts for when I do go into labor.

This has nothing to do with my birth plan. These are simply some wishes and hopes – some superficial, some not – that I’ve thought of along the way.

  • When I do go into labor, it would be great if I have time to shave my legs. Or, if they were shaved the previous day, that would be fine too.
  • Also, when “it’s time,” I hope the house is not a complete disaster. One of my biggest worries is friends and family seeing our house in its actual state.
  • Getting another pedicure before the baby comes would be fabulous. (Actually, that may become a reality this evening if she doesn’t arrive today.)
  • I want to be the first person to post anything on my Facebook about the baby. (I could probably write a whole blog about this topic, but I’ll spare you my important complex on that.) This may be tricky, though, especially if we start notifying family and friends about the baby’s birth via phone call and/or text before going Facebook official.
  • When we come home from the hospital, I hope there are enough groceries in the house to feed us. Although I love the idea of making meals ahead of time and freezing them, this is not something I’m organized or motivated enough to do in large quantities. I managed to freeze one meal. I may attempt one more this weekend. In any case, my parents will be helping us, and my husband will be off work for about a week after our daughter’s arrival. Thus, we will not be starving.
  • Elliot is excited to meet his baby sister, and I truly believe he will love her. However, he has been our only child for almost five years. He is not used to sharing our attention. I suspect this will be a considerable challenge, so I hope he doesn’t attempt to send her back to the hospital.