There is a line in Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax when the Once-ler declares that he’s “figgering on biggering,” so, he biggers his roads, his factory and his money.

It seems to me that, because he had to figger on biggering, the Once-ler didn’t really plan on the aforementioned expansion.

For more than a year before Cecilia was conceived, I was desperate to have a second baby.

Having another baby nearly consumed my thoughts for 16 months. Baby, baby, baby. Must have another baby.

Of course, I always knew Cecilia would get bigger, that she will become a toddler and a little girl. Now that Cecilia is six months old, though, it’s especially bittersweet to see so many changes in her. I’m realizing that my obsession to have another baby caused me to underestimate the biggering.

But the biggering is happening, right before my eyes.

C.C. used to look so tiny on the nursing pillow; now she looks huge on it. She started eating solids a few weeks ago. When I put her in the high chair, though, she looks small again.

Cecilia biggered

Until a few days ago, we’ve been using a seat for her bath time. Same scenario. She looked so small in it at first…until she started to outgrow it. Now that she can sit up, she sits in the actual bath tub and appears tiny again!

I know the same will soon happen with the car seat situation. She is quickly approaching the length limit on the infant carrier, and when we transfer her to the big girl car seat, albeit still rear-facing, she is going to look small again!

Isn’t it interesting how that happens? Small, big. Small, big. Repeat. Good thing I still have a few more years before she looks big in preschool and then small in kindergarten!