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Birth Worker Package

The most cost- and time-effective offering for your birth business!

  • 1 blog each month
  • 1 birth story each month
  • Social media posts every week
  • Topic pitches based on your marketing goals
  • Headlines that drive clicks
  • Posts that use SEO best practices
  • Well-researched writing in a conversational style
  • Calls to action that get results

What WE Do

health Blogs

About pregnancy, birth and more

As a midwife or other birth team member, you want the clients under your guidance to be empowered with positive, accurate information about their bodies. Our blog posts align your website with your birth philosophy by providing engaging content that helps expectant parents believe in themselves and care for their babies. Our blogs are conversational and relatable, grabbing the attention of parents-to-be who crave reliable information.

Birth Stories

For building your brand

Do you have clients who want to capture their birth stories but don’t have the time or confidence to write them? We can help by interviewing parents and the birth team, then writing and formatting the birth story for your website. Or perhaps clients have penned their journeys, but the text needs editing. That’s part of our services, too. These inspiring birth stories make excellent social media posts because they build trust with readers.

Website Content

With a caring voice

Our website content is specific to your philosophy and culture, whether you oversee a birth center, midwifery practice or other pregnancy- or birth-related support service. We interview you and your team — the people who are performing your business’s most important work. We position your team as the experts, while offering a compassionate voice that speaks to parents. Our content is backed by research, yet easy to understand.

Social Media Management

To increase your following

Often packaged with blog or birth story writing projects, our social media management services include strategizing with you and your team members to brainstorm ideas and develop a planning calendar. We design graphics in Canva, create reels, write captions, schedule posts, and track engagement. We also offer the option to monitor comments and respond to messages if those are tasks you need someone to handle as a busy birth worker.

Our birth center was five years old when we decided to hire April for our social media and blog content. We had never done any focused marketing, and we had heard good things from another birth center who worked with April. We were immediately pleased with April’s work, and we constantly hear from clients how great our social media presence is. Everything from the aesthetic of the posts she creates to the content are right on point. She easily captured the feel and the voice of our birth center, and she accurately and beautifully portrays who we are through our social media accounts. In less than a year, we hit our booking goals. Hiring April was the easiest and most effectual way to increase our client base.

Rebecca Polston

Owner and Director, Roots Community Birth Center

how it started

Hi, I’m April, and I founded Pregnancy & Birth Stories, a company that began as the blending of my professional and personal experiences. I’m a former newspaper reporter, public relations specialist and healthcare marketing digital strategist.

I know how to interview and research, and my writing gets results.

I’m also a self-professed birth story fanatic, with borderline obsessive interests in midwifery, birth and lactation. I saw midwives for my pregnancies, culminating in two unmedicated hospital births and one home birth. I breastfed all of my babies well into toddlerhood, and my third child weaned when he was 3 years old.

Now, through our writing services at Pregnancy & Birth Stories, my team and I empower others to believe in the strength of their bodies — important vessels that grow, birth, feed and care for babies.

April goes above just being an engaging writer for birth stories and blog topics. She is helpful with recommendations for tracking the impact of her work for our website and social media sites. She is easy to work with and attentive to what I need and want in her writing.

Ruth Cummings, CNM, IBCLC

Director, The Birth Center, Sacramento


Health Blogs

Short- or long-form evergreen content

Headlines that drive clicks

Posts that use SEO best practices

Conversational and relatable writing

Calls to action that get results

Birth Stories

Highlight inspiring birth stories

Spotlight deserving birth team members

Build your brand

Relate to parents

Share on social media

Social Media Management

Brainstorming meetings

Content planning

Caption writing

Reel creation

Engagement tracking

Website Content

Expert interviews

Thorough content based on research

Text that uses SEO best practices

Easy-to-understand writing

Invitations that prompt readers to take action

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