“Medicaid is killing us.”

“Payers don’t reimburse birth center providers enough.”

“We’re not hitting our numbers on client volume.”

“Patient appointments are not bringing in enough income.”

These are the types of comments midwives and birth center administrators share with me.

I get it. Being a profitable birth center or midwifery practice can be challenging.

To meet your goals, marketing should be part of your business plan. And one of the most effective tools is content marketing. That’s where blogs come in. They market your services through content.

But do you know what else I hear?

“We are going to write our own blogs.”

“We can’t afford to pay for blog writing.”

I understand you probably have a tight marketing budget. Even so, if you want to have a successful blog that generates results, you should look at your budget and prioritize partnering with a professional blog writer.

Why You Should Hire a Blog Writer (And Not Do the Writing Yourself)

You might be thinking, “Is it worth the financial investment to hire a blog writer?”


Oh, my goodness, yes.

“They’re just words. Anyone can write!” Is that what I heard you say?

The thing is, blogs are more than words. (See above. They’re a marketing tool.)

Click-worthy headlines. Search engine optimization. Formatting and readability. Calls to action. These are the just a few elements of blogs as a marketing tool.

Can anyone learn these skills? Yes, absolutely.

But do you really have the time to do so? How about your nurses, birth assistants, lactation consultants or childbirth educators?

You are all busy doing some of the world’s most important work — caring for pregnant people, birthing parents and newborn babies. You are literally bringing forth life. And you are doing it amazingly well.

Hiring a blog writer frees you up to focus on your calling. You don’t have to learn writing, blogging and website skills. You don’t have to keep up with the ever-changing digital trends.

When you partner with a professional blog writer, you get well-written blogs that help your birth center or midwifery practice grow.

Ready to hire a writer to create engaging blog posts for your website? Email me to get started!